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Southwest Servant's Academy

June 23-28, 2024

Registration is Closed!

The Southwest Servants Academy, a work of the Southwest School of Bible Studies, is a week-long learning Academy intended to help young Christians grow in faith and in ability to serve the Lord’s church. Students will attend courses taught by SWSBS faculty and Christian Women’s Studies instructors. The Academy aims to strengthen young men and women as servants in the local congregation while increasing their regard for preaching and teaching the gospel as a lifelong work. Along the way, attendees will build lasting friendships with their fellow students.


To assist young men and women in developing greater:

  • Self-awareness
  • Personal spiritual life
  • Preparation to help others spiritually
  • Ability to lead in church activities (within roles assigned men and women per the New Testament)
  • Focus to have a God-centered life.


This is achieved in a setting including interaction with SWSBS faculty, Christian Women’s Studies faculty, Southwest members, and SWSBS student families.

Who Can Attend?

S2A is for young men and women ages 15-18 having completed 9th-12th grades. It is limited to 20 male and 20 female students and registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Arrival & Departure

Students should plan on arriving at the Southwest church of Christ building for evening services on Sunday, June 25, where they will meet their host family. All attendees will be together for evening services at the Southwest congregation.

The academy will close with a meal for students and their families on Thursday, Jun3 30, at 6 PM celebrating the week’s achievements.


Students will stay with local Christian families. Male and female students will be housed separately. Families will provide transportation to and from the Southwest Facilities.


There is no cost to the student to attend the Academy, and notebooks and complimentary texts will be provided. Lunches will be furnished by local congregations each day. However, students are encouraged to bring approximately $40 for evening recreational activities

What to Bring

  1. Bible.
  2. Personal Toiletry items.
  3. Laundry Bag for dirty clothes.
  4. Refillable water bottle.
  5. Dress/Formal Clothing
    1. For Men:
      1. Slacks and polo or dress shirt for daily activities.
      2. No Jeans allowed.
      3. Coat and tie for worship services and banquet.
    2. For Ladies:
      1. Slacks and modest shirt with sleeves for daily activities.
      2. No jeans allowed.
      3. Modest dress or skirt, at least knee-length, and top for worship services and banquet.
  6. Casual clothing for recreational activities. Shirts must have sleeves, and shorts are acceptable but must extend to the knee when seated. Avoid shirts with inappropriate messages or advertisements.
  7. Money for recreational activities – about $40 for the week.

Daily Schedule

8:30 AM -12:00 PM – Classes & Chapel

12:00 PM-1:00 PM – Lunch at SW Building

1:00-3:50 PM – Classes and Activities

Evenings: Dinner & Recreation